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Philadelphia County Dental Society Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship fund was initiated by the Board of Governors in 1992, at the request of President Everan C. Woodland, to help dental students at Temple University School of Dentistry and the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine meet immediate financial needs. The majority of graduates will leave dental school with overwhelming debts of up to $247,000.00. The Scholarship Fund is one small way in which the members of the Philadelphia County Dental Society can provide encouragement and assistance to them as they try to cope with studies, homes, families and jobs. Students completing the Junior and Sophomore years are eligible, and they must be members of ASDA (American Student Dental Association). Each applicant must submit an application along with official transcripts, a letter of recommendation from their dean or an ADA-member who serves on the school's faculty, and certification of their ASDA membership status.

To date, the fund has distributed more than $80,000.00. Members of the Philadelphia County Dental Society are solicited for contributions with annual dues statements; raffles are held at continuing education programs; and donations are made, too, in honor or memory of a loved one. In fact, families of a number of deceased dentists have encouraged donations to the fund to memorialize their loved ones.


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